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Savings Club

We know that it’s so much easier to achieve goals when you’ve got a team of people supporting and encouraging you. That’s why we created the Savings Club that helps you save for the holidays (or another goal you might be working upon).

With the Savings Club we set up a special savings account for you to put aside funds that will be paid out on a specific date before the holidays. Understanding you’ll lose the account’s bonus interest if you withdraw prior to that date adds incentive and reward to your savings practice. Saving a little into this account throughout the year removes much of the financial stress of holiday spending. You can even set up an automatic transfer from your regular checking or savings account on a schedule of your choosing to make saving even easier.

At First Federal we work together to help you achieve and celebrate events both big and small.

Account Features

  • Helps you save for the holidays with ease.
  • First Federal manages payout; and (.05%) interest is lost if you withdraw prior to the payout date.
  • You have the option to set up automatic transfers to your Christmas savings account from another First Federal deposit account.

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