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About First Federal

When First Federal opened its doors during the Great Depression, we forged a new way of banking, establishing a safe place for people to deposit their money and providing families with access to the home loans needed to begin rebuilding their lives and community. For over 80 years, First Federal has continued working hard and pursuing excellence in service to our region.

We are not just any bank. We are committed to being the stalwart financial institution upon which people can depend for honest and reliable financial services. Going the extra mile for our customers isn’t just a cliché at First Federal, it’s a way of life driven by our passion for seeing our neighbors grow and flourish.

From home mortgage loans to retail banking services, in both challenges and celebrations, First Federal is here to help make your vision a thriving reality.

Exceptional Service is found in Employee Satisfaction

If you’ve ever stopped by one of our branches, you won’t be surprised to learn we are known for employee satisfaction. You can witness the passion and joy our team brings to their work every time you step into a branch. That’s why Columbus CEO has awarded First Federal with a Top Workplaces Award for the last three consecutive years. First Federal employees love their jobs, embracing challenges as an opportunity to dig deep and innovate to make your life better.

You Own Us.

As a mutually-owned company, we are owned by the customers who borrow and lend from First Federal. There’s no stockholders to pay, just a driving investment in building the vitality of our region.

We’re here to help you thrive.

Focused on Savings and Loans

We relentlessly continue the services with which we first began: specializing in secure savings and home loans for families so they have the resources needed to build. We provide federally-insured deposits and customized mortgage loans in a variety of rates and terms, all customized to suit your needs.

Our History

For over 80 years we’ve been a prominent stronghold supporting our community through times of challenge and growth. We’ve worked together with our neighbors as they’ve bought homes and retirement accounts, partnered with local industry and given generously to regional needs. Decade after decade, we’ve continuously innovated our products, digging in our heels to hold strong in support of our customer.

  1. First Federal opens its doors to begin providing savings and loans to the community with a charter First Federal Savings, a mutual thrift, issued to Everett D. Reese. The main office opens in downtown Newark with $159,612.43 in assets. Everett Reese continues serving as President until 1960, and as Board Chair until 1978.

  2. When the founding president, Everett Reese retires, Cyrus McKinney becomes bank president and J. Gilbert Reese, Everett’s son joins as Director. 

  3. Richard H. Wilson becomes bank president, serving until 1982. At the end of his tenure as president, Wilson continues serving as Director until his death in 1995.

  4. Bank Founder Everett Reese’s granddaughter Sarah Reese Wallace becomes President of First Federal. Today, Sarah serves as Board Chair.

  5. Paul M. Thompson takes over as bank President while Sarah Reese Wallace assumes Board Chair and her father J. Gilbert Reese becomes Board Chair- Emeritus.

  6. Sally Wallace Heckman, Everett Reece’s great-granddaughter, joins the team at First Federal as VP of Human Resources.

  7. First Federal wins its third consecutive Columbus CEO Top Workplaces award, recognizing the continued commitment to employee training and well-being.