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Home Equity Lines

We know that life events or projects arise for which you need credit, whether it’s purchasing new appliances or a car, paying for college expenses, or consolidating past debt. We also know the interest rates on credit cards or unsecured consumer loans can become a burden for families. Our Home Equity Lines provide access to the credit you need at an affordable rate by securing the credit through a mortgage on your home. This ensures a much lower interest rate, helping you pay off those expenses and invest your funds back into your family and future.

Account Features

  • Unlimited access to your equity line is available by writing checks.
  • The interest rate is often far lower than credit card or installment loan rates, and the interest paid may be tax deductible.
  • Equity Loans can be used for any purpose. For example, home improvements, car purchases, and debt consolidation are all common.
  • Like a credit card, your approved Equity Line can remain at zero balance and still be kept open for future unforeseen events or financial emergencies, helping you be prepared financially with a low-interest option.

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