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As a customer of First Federal Savings, the security of your personal account information is important to us. By practicing good security habits, whether online or not, you can help us protect your private information.

  • Never reveal your PIN or password to anyone
  • Change your password frequently
  • Always log out when finished using Online Banking Services
  • Never leave your computer unattended when utilizing Online Banking Services
  • Don't use an automatic log-in feature on your computer
  • Use a shredder when disposing of personal records, especially financial records
  • Don't leave sensitive documents containing personal information where anyone can see it

Never disclose any personal identifying information through email or phone calls. This includes:

  • Bank account numbers or credit card numbers
  • Personal Identification Numbers (PINs)
  • Passwords
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Other identifying personal information
  • We will never contact you to verify personal information over the phone or via email. If you receive a phone call or email asking you to verify information, end the call, do not respond, and call us directly at 1-800-783-3494.

First Federal Savings of Newark Security Procedures

To begin using our Online Banking Service you will need a computer with Internet access, an email address and a bank account. For your Internet browser, you will need either Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 (or greater) or Netscape® Navigator 6.0 (or greater).

Secure Socket Layers - SSL

SSL is a protocol, which provides security and privacy over the Internet. SSL uses Public Key Encryption to transmit data securely between browsers and servers. Both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator support SSL.


Firewalls are used to protect the integrity of your information and the transactions that you perform. The system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Information you provide us or that we provide you via our Internet Banking Service is encrypted. 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption is used. Email communication is not encrypted in this manner. Do not send confidential information or instructions to us via email.

Username and Password

To gain access to your account information via our Online Banking Service you will need your Username and Password. Always keep your Username and Password confidential. You will be required to change your Password at least one time every three months.

Layered or Multi-Factor Authentication

In addition, to Usernames and Passwords, Layered or Multi-Factor Authentication is an additional security feature used to further protect the privacy and security of your personal information.